An “escape game” in Singapore is an entertaining and fun concept in which participants will have a limited time to solve puzzles in order to exit the room or experience. It is a life-size game in “real or live” or in Virtual Reality which will promote team cohesion. It is the ideal activity for a team building. These escape games require communication and collaboration to successfully escape in less than 60 minutes. You can play the best escape room singapore  now.

A little history

A bit of history, the first escape games were escaped video games and date back to 2004, notably “Crimson Room” and “QP-Shot” created by the Japanese Toshimitsu Takagi. In 2008 the first company was born to offer Escape Game Live in Tokyo. The traditional escapes games then arrived in Europe in 2011, in Hungary, then in London, Bern. Paris will receive its first theatre in 2013 “HintHunt”. Among the events related to escape games, we note the incident in Poland where five teenage girls lost their lives after inhaling carbon monoxide during the fire. Subsequently, 13 escape rooms in Poland will be closed due to the lack of an emergency exit.

What is the principle?

You must first form a team between 2 and 8 players or even more depending on the rooms. You will be locked in an enclosed space. The goal will be to escape within the allotted time. Depending on the story you may need to find a particular item like in “Escape the Lost Pyramid”.

Throughout the experience, the game master will ensure the smooth running and safety of the participants, providing if necessary clues to progress. In Virtual Reality escapes games, the notion of a room no longer exists because you evolve in an unlimited universe, whether it is a pyramid or a temple in Ancient Greece as in “Beyond Medusas Gate”. You will be led to do impossible things in a Live escape game, impossible because too dangerous or simply because the place is not available. In Virtual Reality escapes games, you can form teams of 2 or 4, the opportunity to add challenge to go faster than the other team.

Escape games in Reunion

The real escape game rooms are now known in Reunion, we can mention Prisoners in Saint Pierre, Dédale, EnigmaRun and GetOut in Saint-Denis. All these rooms offer many quality experiences to discover with family, friends or colleagues during a company outing. Once these experiences are done, you are looking for new escapes games. This is where Virtual Reality comes in.

And Virtual Reality in all of this

The emergence of traditional Escape Games Live has stimulated designers of video games and in particular Virtual Reality games. Thanks to large budgets and teams of developers, they design games with impressive graphics and incredible puzzles to solve.

Virtual reality makes me sick. It’s for me?

It is not a video game. It’s an intuitive experience made for anyone, ages 12 to 82 if you can speak, listen, walk, and grasp objects, you have all the skills to do it. The experiences are not violent and focus on cooperation between actors. It is excellent for families, perfect for corporate events.

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I am dizzy, are these experiences for me?

Your feet will always touch the ground, you are 100% safe, but your brain might think otherwise or experiences can be difficult for people with a strong fear of heights. But they’re also surprisingly rewarding when you go through them.