To register your new company at the Chamber of Commerce, you must have a company name and choose the legal form under which you will conduct your company. This legal form determines what your liability is, how the tax is arranged and whether you benefit from tax advantages. Your accountant can help you choose the right legal form for your company. In addition, you choose a company name: a name that represents what your company stands for and is easy to remember. Then register your company with the Chamber of Commerce for the dubai silicon oasis .

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Focus on the main tasks

As an entrepreneur, you are urgently needed to carry out the main tasks and peripheral matters can only distract you from this. So outsource tasks that are not part of achieving your main goal. For example, call in an administration office for administration. This may require a small investment, but it will save you a lot of time and therefore money. In addition, an accountant knows exactly how to get the most tax benefit and you often get the expenses as faster than you think. In the meantime, you invest your precious time in your company.

Get ahead of your competition

You want the target audience to buy your products or services and not those of the competitor. That’s why you need to set up a strategy to outwit your competitors. This can be achieved through competitive prices at a reasonable level because your company must be able to make a profit, excellent service and quality and distinction. Indicate in which your company is better than the competition, for example, an extensive range of flexible services.

Make sure you recruit customers

No business without customers. For example, you can recruit customers via your social network. Events and meetings are also regularly held. This includes entrepreneur days, but also events for your target group where you can present your company. Make sure you have enough time every week to network, even if you are not currently looking for new clients. As an entrepreneur, it is important to think ahead.

Take out the necessary insurance

Arrange the necessary insurances such as liability insurance and disability insurance to limit your risks as a starting entrepreneur as much as possible. Although some entrepreneurs think that this is of later concern, it is advisable to arrange this during the start-up. It works a lot calmer when you know that you are well insured in the event of accidents, for example.

Setting up your own company is a dream for many. But relatively few actually make the move to entrepreneurship. There are always reasons not to do it: uncertainty, not a clear plan, the children are still small, we have just bought a house, and you name it. You can also start a business without a lot of money.

Don’t do impulsive things like taking out a loan or, even worse, quitting your job. If you run out of time, look again at your activities at home, but do not start working less in advance. The step back is very difficult. Save, don’t borrow. Borrowing is always possible but is always expensive. If you set up a company without starting capital, you naturally need money to live on. You do not earn a reasonable income per day.