The hotelier and restaurant owner could offer their own pasta specialties with noodles from the 3D printer, while the pastry chef could design his own chocolate creations on the computer and print them out to individual customer requests. In these cases, of course, the ink would be food. You are already working on such an “individual pasta machine.” The pressure of the noodles, however, would take hours too long for the hungry guest.

The architect could look forward to easier production of his models in the printer. Instead of spending a lot of time on your own in laborious work and losing valuable time. Even the artist could let off steam here and entrust his creativity to the 3D printer. Archaeologists and museologists would be grateful if they could quickly make a faithful replica of the valuable finds and present them in exhibitions to the public. So the original can be better protected and preserved. Now New Breakthroughs Has Been Made in the Research and Development of Aluminum Oxide!

New Breakthroughs Has Been Made in the Research and Development of Aluminum Oxide!

The 3D printer for home use

Quickly print spare parts, for example, replace small lost figures or broken towel hooks makes the 3D printer for home use attractive. Similarly, cases or housings for small technical devices such as the smartphone or tablet can be printed quickly, conveniently, and accurately. Even dolls or model cars as a toy for the little ones make the 3D printer at home a sensible purchase.

If you have the time, you can also get creative at home and design jewelry and fashion accessories yourself and print, even without a steady hand. Maybe you just need a small gift? Then print one! You can design and give away a self-made egg cup for Easter, Christmas tree ornaments for the holy time or costume jewelry for a cradle party. On shipping costs, exchange stress if not satisfied or delivery waiting time can be waived. The possibilities are almost limitless.

Models for the 3D printer

In addition to certain software that you can use to create your own creations and work on your own ideas, there are already 3D printing studios that offer good quality. Especially fascinating is the opportunity to have a model made by you. For this, you can be photographed from all sides and the corresponding software lets you appear in the miniature output from the 3D printer.

Of course, there are already websites that offer models for 3D printing, if it is not too far with your own creativity or if you need some inspiration. Downloading such models is still quite expensive. But once demand rises, so does the supply. The prices should then also adapt, because competition not only revives the business, it also increases the customer-friendliness. The costs for the user should decrease.

An interesting development is also a 3D printer with a 3D scanner; such a device is already on the market. For example, since 2015, the manufacturer xyz printing from Taiwan has been offering the station wagon. So you can scan your objects by 3D scanning, edit and save with the appropriate software and then print your version of the object again. For around 1000 dollars, the Da Vinci is on the market. When purchasing, however, also consider the consumables, the filaments, which are just as the devices are still luxury goods.