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WordPress page creation and editing: how to

Coming from the last session, we will continue our page creation and editing class here. For example, if we click pages and then add new (as I said this page is going to be for our blog, so we can call it a blog or something like that) and then publish the page – we are going to assign this page to be our blog page. And then when we start adding our posts, they will appear on this page. We’re going to basically do the same thing for our home page for now, and we are going to come back and add an image slider and some text to our home page later. So, once more just click add new up at the top and then we can call this page home. Once we give it a title, just scroll down and click publish on the right-hand side. And now when we visit our site by clicking our site title at the top, we’ll see that we have an about page, a contact page, a blog page, and a home page.

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Now, these are all out of order, but we are going to be creating a custom menu so that we can put them into the order we like. Before we do that though, we’re going to assign our home page and our blog page. To do that we can just click where it says customise at the top, and then on the left-hand side, click set front page. Now we can change the front page from your latest posts to a static page.So, we are going to select our home page, and for posts page, we are going to choose our blog page. On the right-hand side in the preview, you’ll see that we’re on the blog page, and it says nothing found. This is because we haven’t added any posts yet. Then when we click our logo which actually always brings you back to the home page, we will see that we are on our new page called home. Once we’ve assigned our home page on our blog page, we can click save and publish up at the top, and then click the X on the top-left to go back to our site. So now we are on the home page, we have our blog page, contact page with an image, and some text. We will be adding a form soon, and then we have our about page which also has image and text. The next thing we need to do is just create a custom menu so that we can change the order of these pages. It’s pretty likely that you’d prefer the homepage to be at the start, and maybe the contact page at the end.