mobile application test

It is the testing of application before the relish to the public market they can work with that. Mobile application testing is the testing of application which can be check before the publisher. We can test the app how it’s work? If it’s useful to the public? And application test based on the different types like setting, security, usability etc. It will give the solidity to use the app in their Mobile.

  • Importance of mobile application

The users are decided to which application want to download for a purpose. 10 years ago it’s a personal choice to tell the feedback how was the app and how it is used for you. Nowadays we can have some ratings and feedback about the app. Nowadays all of them just want to see the review and download their application whether the performance was good or bad. The mobile tester can see a lot like mobile screen size, operating system, processor and etc. We want to have a clean app without advertisement, no bugs, we want to gave a lot of loveable updates to the users so that they can’t uninstall the application. And there are two types of testing

  • Manual testing2.Automate testing
  • Manual testing

Manual testing it will test by the human process with an experienced guy. They can check like security, process, bugs and etc. It’s a rule of thumb 20% mush be manually and 80% must be in automatically. The 20% must be the help of alpha and beta works.

  • Automate test

It’s the second approaching of mobile testing. They will cover 80% of them generally. It’s not a compulsory percentage but it’s following in the guideline in the software industry. That we could test the automated tested the manual testing. We want to check that. We want to test automated test cases that can easily be automated in the frequency functionality. We want to check that the weather they do network in automatically. We want to test that in a successful result.

  • Advantage of testing

It increases the process of mobile. They save time to check the other applications. We can test it in again and again in the same application. It’ must be processed on multiple divides. It’s can reduce the work of manually. They can check and update their self. We can check a lot of apps quickly.

  • Different type of application

In the world, there are different type of application like in the Android the app was called play store but in the I phone we can call an app store. Day by day we got a lot of apps will be installed so that they can check and give that to you. And you can get the application and check that gave some stars and review. There are 2.96 million apps in the Google play store. We don’t have time to check that all. We can see the review and we can download that whether it was good are bad.

  • Mobile uses

The world in your hand you can change the world like your wish. We can get a lot of thing in your place in your hand. The apps can make the sky as stars a lot of stars in the sky we can use that to improve our life. It must be good for the world not bad. Good thinks makes others happy to make the smile.