Research showed that households are on average more expensive at less than half the electricity consumption during off-peak hours than with a single tariff. If the ratio is just the other way around and more electricity is used at night than during the day then that will yield an average benefit of around 6 euros per year compared to the single rate. So you don’t get rich. And besides: you may wonder whether you can use more than half of the electricity during the cheap hours. Obviously you have the Power to Choose and so you can have the best choices there.

Calculate your own benefit with the Energy Comparer

Of course, the way electricity is used and generated is very personal. If you have a double meter, it would be advisable to check how much cheaper or more expensive the electricity is compared to the single rate. You can easily and quickly calculate what is cheaper in your situation by our Energy Comparer.

Enter your power consumption based on your double meter, so with your normal and off-peak consumption. View the annual costs of the most affordable contract at the moment. For example with an average annual consumption of 2100 kWh normal rate and 1400 kWh off-peak rate, Nuon is the most advantageous: $ 1500.92 per year electricity plus gas.

Power to Choose

Then change the data to a few meters and add up your normal and off-peak consumption. Then you know exactly the difference between the costs with a single rate and double rate. In our example with an average annual consumption of 3500 kWh single tariff, Nuon is also the cheapest: $ 1502.78 per year.

The calculation shows that saving with a double rate is only a few euros per year. But perhaps the result with your consumption is very different. You may even apply it. In this way, you can easily see from the difference in the indicative annual amount whether it makes sense for you to be charged at a double rate.

Energy suppliers take care of the supply of electricity and gas to your home. For this, they use the transmission networks of the regional network operators. Below you will find an overview of energy suppliers in the Netherlands. By selecting an energy supplier you can view consumer reviews and experiences and you get product information. You can choose yourself who your energy supplier is. You can have 1 supplier for gas and electricity, but these can also be 2 separate companies: 1 for the supply of gas and 1 for electricity. The choice is yours.

Choose your energy supplier and save

You can choose who supplies your electricity and gas. This is your energy supplier. Do you want to save money on your energy bill? Then it is best to compare and switch energy annually. You cannot choose the network operator: it depends on the location where you live.

Compare energy suppliers

With the online site, you can easily make a reliable comparison of energy suppliers. Compare on price, quality and service.

Turning point

We took the cheapest 1-year energy packages and looked at 1- 3 and 5-person households with an annual consumption of 1800 kWh, 3500 kWh and 5000 kWh electricity respectively. We have assumed that a household consumes 60% of its power consumption during normal hours and therefore 40% during off-peak hours.