Dating is one stage of the relationship that comes from western cultures where two kinds of people met socially to assessing each other and step the relationship into another stage in the future. It’s just like social activities that have been carried out alone, with others or couples. The rules and behavior of dating and the term get changed from one society to another society and also in such time. Word dating consists of different meanings, mostly it represents two people who explore when they are romantically or sexually compatible when they participate in dates. In the modern world, people can date through computer, telephone or arrange to meet. It also involves two or more people who have shared the feelings romantically with each other. These kinds of people have regular days and sexual relations depend upon them. These relationships sometimes lead to engagement also. Some kinds of cultures or some people have to wait for a certain age to begin dating. Most 18+ age peoples only prefer dating apps because it’s the right age to know about dating and some kinds of stuff also. Or else it leads to big controversy in people or culture.



The main purpose of dating is to stepping the relationship to another level like a long-term companion or spouse. On the other side personality, physical characteristics, financial status, and also other things that involved judging a person personally that lead to hurt and will shake the confidence. Not possible outcomes from the aspects in every situation that depends on another person to accept or not. Most of them get rejected, so that dating may lead to stressful life for the person who is involved. Some research shows that dating is very stressful for people whose having a social anxiety disorder. Generally, before dating person must have a basic understanding of whom the person dates, guided by an experienced person, unspoken rules, and many sources are available to get advice such as self-help books, magazine articles, friends, dating coaches, etc. Advice given to a person includes everything like what to say, where to go, what not to say, how to end a date, what to wear, how to look smart, hour to flirt and many approaches are included in first dates then it same for every date. Some important advice for dates, such as how to receive parent and after a date how to break off a relationship. In today’s world, dating services more popular than marriages, more than,500 global companies are involved in this service worldwide. These counts were increased after the evolution of the computer from 2005. The percentage of dating differs from person and situation too, 23% percent had no dates for the past three months, 36% percent had one day, 25% percent had two to three dates and 22% percent had more than four dates. There are many ways to make dates possible, like classified ads, hobbies, blind dates, social networking, simple talking in public places or houses, office romance, speed dating. In a recent study examined that users on internet whose having long term relationship like marriage founds that most of them met at school or the workplace. Half of the relationship gets broken because of the place where they live and it’s difficult to meet.