The word archery is nothing but the term known for the skill of practicing with the bow and arrow. The word has been based on the Latin term arcus which means to be bow or arch in the sense of bend. With the historical reference, archery has been known better for the sense of hunting and for the combat which is known as the battle. And the archery has been invented in the latter part of the Paleolithic period and then the beginning of the Mesolithic period by the people who belong to the period. Then while considering the combat archery it has accommodation with the three kinds of sports contains five members for a team. The person who is involving in the game archery is known to be an archer. The term toxophilites are known for the person who is considered to be an expert in archery which means for the lover of the bow. And then the archer must have the skill of focus, control, determination, precision, and then repetition. The archery has no age limits over the process of practicing. That is the person from the age of seven can practice archery and there is no age limit or gender in the developing and then the developed countries.

The advantages of archery: The archery is the best game that helps to reduce the stress over the mind, and then it helps the archer to be cool always. Through practicing over the game archery, one can easily get out of the tensed parts and it helps to reduce the stress that you have. And also helps to sharpen the mind and the focus would be clear in the position of decision making. The sense of concentration would get developed while practicing the archery. Through the process of lifting the bow and then pulling the strings would strengthen your body. And through the game, one could strengthen the arms and muscles of the shoulder. And the archery will help to burn the calories over the practice. That is while considering a tournament one could make out of walk over five to six miles then it will be helpful to burn the calories. And also it would help strengthen the back. In archery, there the majority of the actions have been done with the back muscles.

combat archery

The disadvantages of archery: The archery is the most profitable element to set out with more benefits but also it could become more frustrating to the archer. Because it is very easy to learn but it could be considered as the hardest thing to set out the goal in all the times. That is not even the best archer that can properly set out the goal every time. The weather on every occasion would not be better in all the occasions. Because the weather cannot be predictable in all the situations. The weather must be good at the time of shooting over the target. It is not possible to shoot the target perfectly. While considering cardiovascular fitness it is not much easier. In the process of practicing over archery will be very useful to get burning over the calories and it won’t be better for the health of the heart and lungs. That is the process of getting over the sport every day that will spoil the health of the heart and lungs.