Once upon a time physical therapy is run for service. Some people should convert the service into a business. It should be considered as a pitiable condition for our society. Some middle-class people were not able to take the treatment with these physical therapists. Because they put a lot of fees for one session to attend the patient. They did not have money so they were not able to take the treatment. In the list, we also have another type of therapist called a chiropractor. Both the chiropractor and physical therapy should deal with the patient equally. This is a big question among people. They did not know about this chiropractor. They also gain PT cost after surgery . It is not good for people. They were not able to do that work. People should not know about the fee details of physical therapy. First, they should admit the patients after they got in a struggle. It should be a complicated situation for them. So many people did not admit the patient to the hospital because of the money problem.

Physical therapy cost

PT cost after surgery

The Physical therapist also creates a table for their fee details. Through that table, people should know about the fee details. They also have separation in their fee details. People should decide the category and choose it according to their ability. It is useful to them. Some people did not enter the hospital because of the fee details. They did not have that much money to spend. So they should tolerate the pain. We have a fee details list. They are

  • Cost per session – the physical therapist did not attend the patient regularly. They have a schedule to attend the therapist. They should follow the tabulation and then they should give fees for that. They should divide the session and through that session, they should collect fees. Some people did not give money after finishing the session. So the therapist should strictly ask them to give the money after that they should start their work. Like that, physical therapy should convert into business. Some people should do their duty with responsibility. But some therapists did not have that humanity. They need money for every session. This is one type of collection from the patient.
  • Costs with insurance – the patient should be benefited by this cost with insurance. This insurance should provide 50 to 75 % of costs to the patient. They should get their health insurance through the hospital. So the middle-class should be benefited from this insurance. They have discounts and also health insurance for their treatment. Through this, they gain a lot of good things. It is useful to them. Some specialists should attend the patient through this health insurance.
  • Costs without insurance – in this insurance the patient should give the fees compulsory. That fee should differ from the session. In each session, they should change the fee details. Through this change, they should face a lot of struggle. They did not tolerate the session fees.
  • In-home physical therapy – some therapists should attend the patient in their house. It should increase the amount. Many high-class should get the therapist in the house. They were not able to get the patient into the hospital. So they go to the house and give treatment to them.