Grey Elves

These mythical people are the noblest of mythical people, yet additionally the most haughty. They are of higher scholarly abilities than other mythical elf dnd names , yet, notwithstanding the way that they are taller than high mythical people, they are genuinely more fragile. They live in confined mountain fortifications and once in a while permit admittance to outcasts. They have silver hair and golden eyes, or gold hair and violet eyes, and wear garments of white, silver, yellow, and gold, and typically wear majestically hued shrouds.

Shadow Elves

These mythical people are a secluded race of mythical beings that endure a calamity and adjusted to living in collapses Mystara. The shadow mythical people are considerably paler than ordinary mythical beings, with white hair and extremely clear eyes, typically a shimmering blue or dim shading.

The shadow mythical people are fairly more modest and more slender than their surface cousins, remaining around five feet tall and weighing around 100 pounds. Their ears are bigger than those of wood mythical people, giving the shadow mythical beings a kind of “strolling radar” underground. Shadow mythical people have shrill voices—practically noisy to human ears.

High Elves

elf dnd names

High mythical beings are the first eladrin and the first mythical beings that came Abeir-Toril from the Feywild (dim, sun, moon, green, lothario, and star mythical people), and most generally experienced by different races, and the most open and agreeable of their sort. They travel to different grounds more than other mythical beings.

They are for the most part dim haired and green-looked at, with extremely pale appearances the shade of new cream. They essentially don’t tan, regardless of how long they spend under Oerth’s sun. High mythical people like to wear light pastels, blues and greens, and violets, and regularly stay in homes incorporated into living wood, high in the trees.

Painted Elves

This subrace dwells in painted deserts and froze backwoods, leaning toward a druidic way of life.

Rocker Elves of Deep Elves

  1. “Rocker legendary creatures are the most unprecedented of all elvenkind. They are far taller than a large portion of their family, with a couple of arriving at just about eight feet in stature. The normal load for a Rockseer is somewhere in the range of 120 and 140 pounds, with little sex distinction.
  2. Rockers are exceptionally pale-cleaned, and they have no body hair. Head hair is uncommonly fine, consistently worn long, with the appearance and surface of impeccably fine silk. The hair is silver, and the eye tone is a pale, nearly ice-blue. They are hermaphroditic apparently, making it hard for pariahs to differentiate guys and females.
  3. “Rockers have been bound from the remainder of elvenkind since mythic occasions. Their own arrangement of encounters tells that they were pessimists at the exceptional conflict of Corellon Larethian and Lolth, getting away from the fight and taking sanctuary far underground. They have no information on surface mythical beings.
  4. They are aware of the Drow and disdain them, staying away from them sooner rather than later. They are amazingly antisocial and evade the organization of any remaining races, including the Svirfneblin. The main special case for this is peched, with whom Rockseers at times structure fellowships.