The engagement ring is the hallmark of your commitment to your other half. And for good measure, make sure it is beautiful. Here are some tips to help you choose the ring of your life. White gold, yellow or platinum, diamond, ruby, emerald or sapphire, choosing the right engagement ring is not an easy task as there are so many possibilities. Although for some, the choice seems to be obvious, for others, it seems more complicated. So, how to choose your Engagement Rings ?

Engagement Rings

Ring in gold, silver or platinum?

The ring represents eternity. It is therefore advisable to choose your ring carefully because a ring representing a commitment will stay with you every day. If you want a gold or pink color ring, gold is the best alternative. Gold is a resistant metal. However, for greater strength, it is usually mixed with other metals. It is a material that is very malleable, and that can be declined in many forms according to your tastes.

If you want a white ring, 3 choices are available: Silver, white gold, or platinum. Silver is the whitest metal. It is very bright but is the least resistant 3. White gold is 75% gold; the rest is silver or platinum. More resistant than silver, it is still less resistant than platinum, 95% pure and naturally white metal.

The choice of the gemstone

Once the ring is chosen, it is then advisable to choose the gemstone that will sublimate it. In terms of engagement rings, you will find a wide choice in-store or on the internet. Indeed, brands like offer different models in various materials. You need to see according to your budget, and especially according to your tastes.

The diamond is, without a doubt, the most chosen stone. A symbol of purity, a ring with a diamond is the symbol of an engagement request. The diamond has a symbolic for hundreds of years. Already popular in the world of royalty, it was in the 30s that the diamond was propelled to the rank of success and success. Men wanted to give their wife to show their power and wealth, and women wanted it as proof of commitment and love from their man. This symbolism has remained in the minds until today, and offer an engagement ring adorned with diamonds is a safe bet. In addition, it is a very resistant stone that will last in time.

If you want to bet on the color, several choices are available to you:

Ruby: intense red color, symbolizes power, energy, and love passion. It is a stone that was very popular at the time of kings. Ruby ​​can be perfect to represent the union of fusion and passionate couple.

Emerald: green in color, symbolizes wisdom and loyalty. It is a stone famous for the good energies it releases. On the other hand, a legend says that if the emerald changes color, there is unfaithfulness.

Sapphire: generally known for its intense blue color, can actually turn away in many colors like yellow, green or purple. To choose a sapphire quality, it is recommended to pay attention to the depth and intensity of its blue. The symbols related to sapphire are purity, truth, and fidelity. Like the ruby, it is a very solid stone.