Concrete floor polishing is on the trend right now for the floor design. It can be applied to the homes and business areas. There are many proper reasons for the concrete polishing to be on the front line. Many companies are working only for the concrete floor polishing. They not only produce the mixture and also they provide the proper work service who seeks for all together. carr restoration ltd  is one of the companies which provides concrete polishing. They provide the best floor cement and also the concrete mixtures with the warranty status.

carr restoration ltd


Initially, concrete used for the slabs and shelves than by doing the improvisation in the quality nowadays they are using for the floors. The benefits that get from concrete polishing for the floors are

  • They do not get the dirt easily
  • To clean the surface it is very simple
  • The surface is not slippery
  • It can be used for countertops
  • Can be clean by using any liquids or powders
  • This is completely odor-free

Concrete is cheaper when looking at its lifespan, while comparing to the other floors like carpets, marbles, woods, tiles, granite, linoleum, etc. On the process of the polishing, this contains many steps of densifier means that it is made up of chemicals like:

  • Lithium silicate
  • Sodium silicate
  • Potassium silicate

these are the key ingredients for the floor to get the strengthen or harden. While this process takes place it should be very carefully handled. Unless this leads to major mistakes, and in this stage it is not easy to correct it by layering again, the whole process should take place once again. This consumes more time and a waste of money.

The floor needs up to 3000 grit to show up its natural classic glow. The designs can be done customized by using different styles, colors, patterns, lines, etc. The designs come out as the result of acid staining. The whole polished floors are obtained by using grinding, sanding, dusting, etc. After all the process has done the floor should clean properly with the proper things.    Many of the places are quite adaptable nowadays for concrete floorings like the retail areas, shops and majorly in schools and universities. It is simple and gives the perfect finish. To achieve the proper good look one should leave the floor after the polishing work at least for 5 weeks to 6 weeks. Else it will catch the stain and footprint easily, because of the wetness present on the floor. So, it is then very hard to republish the affected area.

Comparing to the other flooring the strength of the floor is very high, so while it is using in the industries or other heavy business areas breakage possibility is low. But in general, people think that the concrete floor is very uncomfortable for the usage. Concrete floors are easy to handle. Due to the thickness, it has a long period of life and it prefers by many of them nowadays after knowing about its benefits. So, you can also make use of concrete polishing and get the best glossy floor.