In this article, you will read eight tips for creating a professional website. I hope it helps and is helpful to you.

Choose a platform that is easy to use and has no limitations on customization.

If this is the first time you are considering creating your site, you are probably a little confused by how much you see on the market. Like platforms, they promise you can create your own free website in a few clicks. But, that’s what you want to show your business, a free website. In the marketing community, you will hear that WordPress is the most versatile way to create a website. The use of the coastal web happens to be essential here now.

In the e-commerce world, they will recommend Shopify as the best way to easily sell online. And finally, in the programming community, you’ll hear a variety of complex structures for creating an HTML or CSS or JavaScript site. The expert recommendation is simple. You need to choose a platform that offers versatility and ease of use for your needs. For 90% of people, the answer will be WordPress.

Keep an eye on the right metrics

However, with Google Analytics you can know how many sales you have made, newsletter signups, what people are looking for on your site, how often they have downloaded an eBook, etc. A very interesting metric is “Behavior”, here you can see which pages of your site people are coming from and where they are going after viewing that particular page for example: going to about page, going to contact page, leaving the website, etc.

Behavior flow metric in Google Analytics

Some important metrics you can analyze are:

  • How many monthly visits does your site have?
  • Which social channels drive the most traffic?
  • What type of content generates the most sales?
  • Behavior Reports

Test page load time

coastal web

According to the professional blog, 40% of people leave a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Test the speed of your site often. There are tools where you can do it like Google Page Speed ​​Insights. In Google Analytics, on the Behavior more than Site Speed ​​tab, you know how long your site or pages take to open.

Some quick ways to increase speed:

Enable caching. For WordPress sites, this can be as easy as installing a plugin. WP Total Cache is a good option, it requires some configuration. If you prefer you can choose Comet Cache is a very easy to use a plugin.

An upgrade on the accommodation: If your budget allows you to increase your hosting package is a great way to decrease your website load time.

Your site must be professional

Whether you are a nonprofit, a sole trader, a blogger, etc., your site should be professional and as reliable as possible. Ideally, hire a professional to develop your site, but if your budget doesn’t allow it, you can choose to buy a professional WordPress theme.

Simplicity is the key.

If you go to our homepage you will find it quite simple, in a good way. It is often in the navigation bar that you make the mistake of placing too many links, which makes the decision process more difficult for the Internet user.