The sole of the shoe should be quite rigid and play the role of a shock absorber, and the heel should be wide with a height of up to 4 cm. Take your time buying shoes. Arrive at the store, stock up on time and patience. Warn the seller that you have diabetes and sensitivity is reduced and you will have to choose shoes for a long time. Remember all the basic rules for choosing shoes. Sit and it’s better to walk around a little in your chosen shoes for 10-15 minutes, then take off your shoes and carefully examine your feet. If you notice traces of pressure or redness, try on another pair. From serial shoes, soft leather sneakers are best suited for the summer and felt boots for the winter. For the black wedge shoes this is the finest option now.

black wedge shoes

Do not walk long in the same shoes.

Like slippers, carefully check any shoes with your hand before putting them on. In comfortable shoes, you got to work. Even if the street is warm and dry, and at work, no one forces you to change clothes, shoes need to be changed. The more often you change shoes during the day, the less prolonged the time pressure of shoes falls on the same points, which means that the risk of ulcers is reduced. Try not to stand at work for a long time and not to walk in the same shoes for a long time.

Choosing good shoes is very important for you and for your health. Women experience 4 times more problems with their legs than men, so choosing good, comfortable and comfortable shoes for women is especially important. Before you make a purchase, you need to decide for yourself what exactly you want to buy and for what purposes: for work, for every day or for holiday events, what model you would like to choose is it already in your mind or are you ready to buy something That do you like?

Shoes for the office: all day at the table

In the office, do not get involved in very high heels, stilettos or wedges. On the one hand, these options are sometimes prohibited by a strict office style, on the other hand, an office carpet constantly clings to the studs with its loops, and computer chairs strive to wedge and break a thin heel. In addition, your leg will be forced to be in an unusual position for it all day. And this is very harmful. You can, of course, take off your shoes under the table, but let’s save colleagues and clients from an unsightly pause before you get up. Office shoes should be discreet, comfortable, on a small less than 7 cm steady heel, classic cut, with closed toe and heel.

Considering the Details

It is necessary to avoid bright details, fashionable styles and varnish. About sandals and bare feet Sandals, clogs, shoes without a backdrop are only for relaxation and parties and only with a barefoot. No pantyhose, stockings, socks, and even more so underskirts. But closed shoes should be worn only with thin, elastic tights or stockings. 10-15-day stockings will help you feel comfortable on hot days.