By using a fake ID, criminals can do many illegal activities, and there’s no denying that. However, there are many sites, like idgod , that are selling novelty cards for the purpose of pranks, and other fun activities people do with their friends and family. Those sites clearly state in their disclaimer that the fake IDs they sell should not be used for any criminal activities, and they will fully cooperate with law enforcement if someone gets involved in any such thing. However, if you want to buy a fake id for fun purpose (we strictly do not promote the illegal use of fake id or any other kind of counterfeit document that could be considered illegal by the law), make sure you’re buying the professionally created ones, not the amateur type homemade IDs. You might be wondering how to tell the difference, so today, in this article, we will discuss exactly that – differences between a professionally made fake id and a homemade id. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Fake IDs and their types


There are primarily two kinds of fake ids, homemade and professional. Homemade ids could be created by anybody with little or no knowledge and with the help of a premade id kit. On the other hand, professional fake ids are made by skilled and experienced people with modern gadgets and equipment. Therefore it’s needless to say that a professional-quality fake id won’t be cheap either, unlike their homemade cousins. Homemade fake ids are often called as novelty cards, and you can buy them from a local novelty shop. But professional fake ids are only available in few online sites, and they create high-quality IDs that are guaranteed to be accepted in most real-life situations. Again, you should not try to do any illegal things in which cases those professional ids are not guaranteed to work, and you can be in real trouble. Now, there are a few fake sites that promise you top quality id, but send you homemade ones. So, let’s discuss how to know which one is professional so that you don’t get ripped off by fake sites.

Difference between homemade and professional fake ids

To know which one is homemade and which is top quality id, you first have to understand how these ids are being made. For homemade ids, you can buy id kits from the market that you can use to make ids for yourself. In those kits, you’ll find a PVC card with a cover sticker. First, you have to take a passport-sized photograph of yourself (make sure the background is of neutral color or white) and put that on the PVC card accordingly. Now, cover that card with the sticker you have got in your kit, and that’s it. The final ID will be sufficient to pull a prank or some casual activities, but it’s nearly impossible to get away any official requirement with a homemade id. So, if you’re looking for an id for a more serious purpose, it’s better to buy from a reputed online site. There are plenty of such sites, you just need to google it.