How to massage your baby is a question that comes up often. To massage the child is to awaken in one’s body the well-being that he lived in his mother’s womb. It is, therefore, the mantra that all parents should appropriate to put the massage program mom-dad-baby to create the link in the most natural way, the slowest and sweetest. For the mommy adventures this is important now.

The benefits of massage on baby:

  • Baby finds the well-being he felt in the belly of his mom: it will reassure him, relax him.
  • Baby is going to have a better sleep.
  • Baby will cry less.
  • Baby will slowly become aware of his body.
  • Mom or Dad will develop their relationship with the child.
  • This will help relieve the small ailments of a baby like colic.
  • Dad or Mom depending on who will massage will take confidence in his parental role.

Massage is one of the easiest ways to fight against maternal burn-out because it allows the body (of the one who is massaged but also of the massager) to produce oxytocin which is the hormone of the attachment and happiness.

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And yes, the first baby language goes through the skin and touch. The massage is therefore for a baby back to basics if the massage is done by loving and caring hands. That’s why my first advice to parents who want to massage their baby is to trust and want to share special moments with Baby.

Of course, these tips are there to help you gain confidence in your role as mass parents but it is not mandatory to chain the movements in a specific order. The bottom line is the relationship you will have with your baby.

How to prepare the massage?

Here are some tips to know before starting the actual massage:

  • A baby must be naked.
  • The room should be heated between 22 ° C and 24 ° C.
  • Baby should be put on a hot towel or lambskin.

You must always use oil, previously warmed in your hands, to massage baby because it promotes the skin-to-skin and hydration of the skin you can use olive oil first cold-pressed and organic or special baby massage oil being careful to take most natural oil possible.

Talk to your baby gently: warn him that you are going to massage him, then tell him everything you are going to do with him during the massage session and look him in the eye.

Sift the massage room as much as possible, the place should be zen. Put a cotton diaper on the baby once a massaged to keep baby warm. During a massage, always keep skin-to-skin contact with Baby to keep the enveloping and reassuring nature of the massage. The technique is only a support, follow your desires and your heart.

What are the steps to follow?

Discover my little protocol to massage baby with ease. And do not forget: Feel free as parents to adapt to your feelings at the time of the massage session. Foremost you must start the massage session with small pressure. His belly: draw a circle with the palms of hands growing larger to his hip in the direction of clockwise especially in case of colic.