Watch the next time you see another girl stroll down the street in a set of womens red heels , men strolling behind her will have their attention drawn to her heels, men that stroll past her in the opposite instructions will turn their heads to get a glance as she struts down the path her heels.

Why is this, why do women use high heels when you think about that they clearly aren’t the comfiest shoe to use.

womens red heels

Why do men love women in high heels?

Heels emphasize your legs. If you are among those girls who are fortunate enough to have a slim skinny leg they assist to include some definition to your legs by stressing the calf muscle due to the raising of your heel from the ground. This includes shape and definition to your legs produce a fuller toned looking leg.

If your legs have a bit more mass to them then by using heels you develop the impression of extending your legs and once again include some tone and definition to your calf muscle, therefore, producing a more toned looking leg.

Men love curves and cleavage and high heels use both. They increase the curves of your legs & the arch of your foot if it is exposed with your design of the shoe and they expose cleavage of the toes. I know I know this sounds unusual however men are unusual and terrific animals aren’t they haha.

You may be questioning what this toe cleavage thing is, I did too however here is an amusing fact. Experiments were done several years ago where they had a lot of men take a look at images of what seemed a woman’s breast cleavage in a low cut top and they evaluated the arousal stimulation of the men and on all men, they were clearly excited. They then revealed the complete image and it was, in fact, a woman’s bottom cleavage covered in what seemed a low cut top.

The experiment was done to attempt and evaluate the link in between monkey’s mating routines and people. Female monkeys are typically observed revealing their bottoms to the males to produce stimulation and bring in sexual attention. The link was made, male monkeys and human males are naturally brought in to cleavage and that is why a woman in a low cut top or with a bit of bottom fracture revealing from the top of her bikini or pants will draw in the attention of a passing man. This is where the toe cleavage is available. Many women have never known this however there you go, next time you slip into a set of heels not just are you extending your legs and including definition to your calf muscles, however, you are also flashing a little cleavage.

Wedge heels benefit the office because they can be used for a longer amount of times without excessive stress on the foot. Perhaps store later on in the day as feet swell as the day goes on. Break them in advance if one plans to use them to a special function. Eventually, the heel height one picks ought to be identified by the number of pains and discomforts one can enable oneself.